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The ilS4-121 electrical load switcher safely switches high amperage equipment with low cost timer or controller. Used with optional on-delay timer, the iIS4-121 activates its outlets in sequence to protect circuits from overload at equipment startup.

  • Description

    Plug load switcher sense cord in a timer or a controller to increase your capacity. When the sense cord is powered up, the iLS4-121 switches on its 4 outputs which each of them a device can be connected.
    • 4 x 120 V outputs, 15 A
    • Pilot lamp activation
    • One 15 A circuit breaker per outlet

    Fed by a 120 v 40 A circuit breaker, the iLS4-121 will feed four 1000 W lights, three 1,500 W heaters or three 15,000 BTU air conditioners for about 3.75 T of refrigeration. It is also possible to connect 2 iLS4-121 modules on a same circuit and feed height 400 W lights.
    • 120 V, 40 A load capacity

  • Specifications
    Controller Functions
    Activation Port Yes
    Pilot lamp for activation Yes
    Auxiliary Devices Control
    Outputs Sequential ActivationYes with ILS4T-1 or ILS4T-2 on delay timers sold separately
    Controlled Auxiliary Outputs4 outlets
    Lighting Control
    Controlled Equipment for Lighting 4 x 1000 W lights (8 x 400 or 600 W lights with 2 iLS4-241 modules on a same circuit)
    Temperature Control
    Controlled Equipment for Temperature 3 x 1,500 W heaters or 3 x 15,000 BTU air conditioners for about 3.75 T
    Electrical Specification
    Power Supply 240 V – 60 Hz – 40 A
    Output Maximum Current 240 V, 40 A (15 A per outlets)
    Operating Conditions 0 to 60 °C, 0 to 95 % non-condensing RH
    Breaker 15 A breaker per outlet
    Maximum per circuit 2 of the same model
    AC Adapter Power Supply 12V DC center positive 800 mA min
    Warranty 3 years
    Technical Support Free support from 12 PM to 9 PM Monday to Friday, Eastern Time
    Country of Origin Canada