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The iLS120-ON directional relay is useful for adding equipment to augment a process like heating or cooling. It allows you to add additional equipment exceeding the controller load capacity: the equipment is simply activated when the current is active at the controller output.

  • Description

    The iLS120-ON turn on the equipment when the relay sense chord detects that the control output is powered. No adjustments to make, just plug the iLS120-ON on a circuit to increase capacity and distribute load on more than one circuit.

    It is possible to plug one or more iLS120-ON sense cord in a 120 V power strip connected in a controller outlet to distribute the load over many different circuit. You can also increase the capacity with one or many load switcher box iLS4-121, iLS4- 121s or iLS4-241.
    • 120 V, 15 A, 2 HP load capacity

  • Specifications
    Controller Functions
    Digital DisplayNo
    Auxiliary Devices Control
    Controlled Actions Increase controller capacity
    Controlled Auxiliary Outputs 1 auxiliary outlet
    Electrical Specification
    Power Supply 120 V – 60 Hz – 15 A
    Output Maximum Current 120 V, 15 A, 2 HP
    Operating Conditions 0 to 60 °C, 0 to 95 % non-condensing RH
    Warranty 3 years
    Technical Support Free support from 12 PM to 9 PM Monday to Friday, Eastern Time
    Country of Origin Canada