Intelligent Growing Systems

Nova Biomatique (2011) inc. develops, designs, manufactures and markets environmental climat controllers. For the past years, customers have know us under the name of Plug ‘N’ Grow. The company focuses on living organisms evolving in climate controlled spaces for both plants and animals. Our products also find applications in science and industry usage.

Our products are developed and made as flexible as possible to meet as many needs and customer satisfaction.


Horticultural Thermostats

Temperature control of an indoor garden is one of the most important climate factors for successful yields. Without a good temperature control, as well stop gardening!

CO2 150x150

CO2 controls

After controlling the temperature and relative humidity, The CO2 concentration is the climate factor that stimulates the growth of most plants.

Integrated Controller

Integrated controllers

Controllers that can manage multiple climate variables with defined priorities and logical sequences. Control your indoor garden with a single controller!


High Load Switchers

Increase the capacity of lighting, heating or air conditioning with the ILS4 load switchers. Powered either with 120V or 240V!


High power equipment direct and reverse relays

Directional relays are useful for adding powered equipment on a separate circuit or to turn off a certain equipment when the other is activated.

Horloge 150x150


The precision timers allow the control of cyclical processes such as irrigation, ventilation, regulation of CO2 and many other applications.